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The sorrow of rebirth
(This is just a rough version of the story so dont mind the lack of explaining and the typos)
*In the middle of a forest lies a crystal. This crystal is not like any other because it is believed to be a holy crystal and the embodyment of an ancient goddess. On certain ocassions during the year there is a cloud covering the wholle forrest and the city at the edge of it. Some say it is the goddess in the crystal that is sorrowfull, some say its a blessing given by her. Because of the rain water during those time the village has never been sick or lacking food and water. The children, nor the elder know why the goddess has been incased in the crystal. But they feel her presence inside, like a warmth that pierces the very soul. Whille the area where the crystal is sealed of by the elders, the children have always been curious about it and never afraid to sneak in there to pray for her. Each time they pray they feel the warmth even stronger, only this time as if it was enveloping them in a
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Current Residence: Stockholm... Belgrade
Favourite genre of music: I have none, i listen to whatever sound good to me
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Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim
Personal Quote: Fate is an illusion
Stil puzling this story together, so i just felt i should share an event from the story.

As i slowly walk down the hallway, looking at this letter i recieved last night. Come to the armory, i have something to give you, from Melissa. It says, wonder what shes up to. She hasnt been ok with me ever since i joined this group, not being able to fill the hole left by the last member they said. Outside the armory stood 2 guards, as i moved closer they didnt really bother to move at all. One of them said, "What is your purpose at the armory" he said. "Im suposed to meet Melissa inside, mind leting me in?". The knight stood silent looking at me, then looked at the other guard who noded. "Sure, go ahead but dont touch anything". I open the wooden door to find myself inside the armory, filled with wepons and armor from the royal blacksmiths. I walk in, whille admiring the wepons lined up on the wooden racks, iluminated by the dimly lit candles around the room and the moonlight shining from the small windows in the end of the room. As soon as i get to the center of the room, the doors slam shut. I turn around startled, wondering whats going on when i hear the guards yelling from the other side. Looking at the door, a shape seems to slowly crawl above it and falls down on the ground barely visible. I strain my eyes to see what it is, but all there is, are 2 glowing orbs. Slowly they head toward me and the candle light slowly  reveal the shadow. A monster, inside the castle. "You are not that woman. Who are you, boy?" The sword was ready to strike it with no questions answered or asked, but it refused to move. Frozen. I stand here frozen with fear, a monster this huge and im all alone to fight it. It starts to walk toward me. " I said, WHO ARE YOU , BOY?". "Just a soldier in the kings service..." i am interupted by a bellowing laugh "HAHAHAHAHAHA, a simple soldier. NOT ENOUGH,..... but i think il have fun with your instead" it says before starting to attack me with its claws. My sword breaks into pieces after the third hit and the fourth one sends me into the rack holding the wepons. Panicking at the broken wepon i pick up the wepon closest at hands. A sword. Going on the offensive, i swing my wepon at the monster, but no use. Not a single cut on its skin and with the last hit the blade shaters and a kick sends me flying into the other side of the room, into another rack of wepons. Coughing, i get up picking whatever is close at hand, this time  a spear. The spear wasnt able to do much either before it shatters. My mind was going blank as i get another kick that sends me flying whille the monster is laughing as if im some sort of amusement to him. MInd going blank, panick starts to kick in, it is strong, to strong for me. Im going to die, was all i could think about for a few seconds as the monster came closer. The door was sealed tight and not opening even with the  guards trying to break it in. My mind is blank..... but my heart is beating fast, fear? No..... i started to fear the moment i saw its shape, no, it was somehow telling me to stand up and fight. Dont back down, attack again and again, as many times as you need to defeat it, dont give up. He continues to fight the monster  with the same results over and over, untill the floor is covered in broken pieces from the wepons. His body covered in cuts and bruises, blood and sweat, pain and despair. Slowly starting to give up he ignored his heart and his mind and just attacks the monster, grabing a new wepon each time the old one is broken. Untill it happened,he cuts the monster deep in the arm. His face lights up as he sees the blood drip down from the cut almost not believing his eyes.
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